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Natal day of My New Friend;

Posted on November 28, 2010 at 11:15 PM

Natal day of My New Friend;

dedicated to: Aljey De Joseph (Dec.1, 2010)

by: MLB

This Gift doesn't be so much expensive for me to dedicate this blog entry to my new friend Aljey. A simple notes and words of Thank you's and Hello's.

Maybe there's a wonder between how we know each other and how friendship starts over. However not a long story but i can say that there is a story behind. 

As i remember it (November 4, 2010 - date i posted the Photo edited by me) Aljey added me as friend at Facebook, hm!? when he reads my comment at Czarina Catherine Gatbonton's Official Fanpage about my wish of goodluck for her Ms. World 2010 career, and i say "I will make her an official Photo Background of my Website". Maybe in my mind Aljey wonders, "This man have website?" that's why he added me. Not to detail the story, we've become friend not just at that time. A favor had been asks from him to edit the photo of his model John Arthur Dacera  and as a response i edit the Pictures even in my un-pleasure time because i have a work but still i'm so happy to edit the pictures because somebody that asks for it that i don't really know who is. I do take my time and i made it and i felt so proud when he says its beautiful.  

(Photos i edited for Aljey with his model John Arthur Dacera)

A little bit of quarrellings had fall between our conversation on chat (i uttered a wrong word that made him livid or angry), for me its only a joke but i did not think for him that he will get angry of it. He tells me that he will delete the photo's i edited. And i know its my fault and i beg but no response. I felt so sick, my eyes got teared and sigh a deep breath and said, "It's the first that happens to me on a social network". When i got home, i expect for positive response from him. I know I've got the blame-full situation coz I've uttered a troubled word. Came it morning, got to work again, my co-teacher told me that there is somebody who look for me and need to talk with me. I smiled for a while and said what he needs? and i noticed that its Aljey, well he explains that he did not erased the pictures he just save it flash drive and upload again. And my mind calms for a while, i just said! Thank you!. Then friendship starts, not to mention, more story had been takes on. He let me know some story of his life. And one of it is his past.

Somewhat like a childhood friend, Aljey tells me something. As in  his past he becomes a "bi" (bisexual) a formal bi and as usual he feels alike but he admits it. But he also told me he'd changed. For sudden reason, he wants a new life. He have a good looking face, a well and nice being, friendly and trustworthy person. And i should say, it's good to changed himself but not the whole he is.

More wishes to be granted in your birthday Jey, and even you wish for a simple things, God knows your heart, HE will grant your wishes and dreams.

(Aljeys simple wish)

Before i close my my entry; the whole world can read this, and i think it will be my simple gift for you Aljey. It's a great gratitude for me to have a friend like you for even a short time and a distant place. I have a friend before that with familiarity with in you. But God take him to rest. Maybe he becomes the way i know you, he looks like you, he talks like you and the way you are is also the way he is. Friendship also does not need contracts, for i that's how i become friend in you. Even-though sometimes its hard for me to talk Cebuano coz definitely I'm ilonggo and speak only Cebuano sometimes. My words of more Thank You's will not end for the offer of friendship to you Aljey. You have a lot of friends and a meaningful life. It's just an effortless, for just me to express my words.

Happy birthday Aljey De Joseph; from the bottom of my Heart my friend i wish you more birthdays to come, more friends to know with, more dreams to be granted and always be God Blessed in your hopes and ways. When times you need somebody to talk with, i'm always free to listen and advice.

Happy Birthday ALJEY!!

always a friend: Michael

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Reply aljey
7:00 AM on November 28, 2013 
Hahaha. Salamat Chung. Mhike salamat kaayo :D
Reply Michael Bul-anon
3:36 AM on December 2, 2010 
careen says...
wow.ka lucky ni aljey ai

:) Thank you mz careen,..
Reply careen
3:06 AM on December 2, 2010 
wow.ka lucky ni aljey ai
Reply Michael Bul-anon
10:10 PM on November 30, 2010 
zenderkisser says...
ahmmmm ganito talaga mag bigay ng effort xa isang kaibigan huh??? heheheheh ....

hahahah....Oo naman, simple nga lng yan eih,.:)
Reply zenderkisser
9:55 PM on November 30, 2010 
ahmmmm ganito talaga mag bigay ng effort xa isang kaibigan huh??? heheheheh ....
Reply BNHS - TE
7:08 PM on November 30, 2010 
ka sweet,.gd ya nga friend sa imu no.,hehe
Reply CSAorganization
6:55 PM on November 30, 2010 
wow...the editor in chief,..nice nice nice....,
Reply Michael Bul-anon
6:21 PM on November 30, 2010 
your welcome jey,. ofcourse i will be me as far as i am...:)
Reply aljey de joseph
5:10 AM on November 30, 2010 
thank u mhike! super duper like kau naku imung gi buhat ai!.. haha..! hope na dli ka mag bag-o as my new and true bestfriend! :)
Reply Michael Bul-anon
4:46 AM on November 30, 2010 
ok ahh.,!!no problemo,,jujuju
Reply Ghez
4:44 AM on November 30, 2010 
wow..sweet bah, sa b-day ko man ha..