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The Garbage Man

Posted on November 2, 2010 at 4:44 AM

The Garbage man

A jump suit full of different smells

Holes are his friends

Taking out his handkerchief

His sweat glands must be on fire

The Garbage man

Drops to the pavement

I could almost smell it

Mayonnaise and cigarettes

His shoes don’t have any laces

Rope takes the place of lace

His chiseled chin sticks out

A divine cleft

The Garbage man

He gives Jay Leno a run for his money

Stick seven coins in that slot

Each individual hair on his chest shows

Even the small red one in the back

Pure Perfection is not enough of a definition

A combination of George Clooney and John Goodman

Beautiful face with a little bit of secret

Pretending his belly is a trampoline

Jumping so high in love

He would jump with me

I hear my name

Looking down, he calls my name

Eyes in complete fright

Doe eyed, I hide

I can hear the garbage truck drive away

Missing you is a song lyric

But Mondays will come

And I will wait to smell your presence

He knows when you party,

and when you barbeque-

bottles, cans, and disposables amass.


He knows your Christmas gifts,

and those for the wedding and baby-

the boxes tell all.


He knows spring cleaning day,

and when someone passes-

former treasures become trash.


He can guess your income level,

and even your personality-

by the brands and the cleanliness of your can.


He knows what you value

by what you throw away.

Would you be embarrassed

to face him on garbage day?


You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine


I’m your garbage man

Coming down the street

Kick your can, kick your can

Better get your butt down on the curb

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine


The author of my life is you..

The breath of my family with

I eat and blessed by this trash

But why?

And why?

Then what?


Let me know!!

Let me know!!


My child……my child…..

Why is it happen??

The food and the trash my child had touch

The money we earn and our body had burn

The loaf in the can that in the trash can found

The bottles of drinks that in riches is none..

We made to use this things

that is from them is out


Then why??

Why my child is lying there..

Aching for sickness and thin and Gray!!




Flies is my friend, Quito’s are my neighbor

The prize of labor

Is my child’s life as favor


got me a job as a garbage man

make a better living then I dreamed I can

hoisting hoisting hoisting

galvanized cans

got me a job as a garbage man


wanna work for the defense league

I work for the holy mob

sweeping the streets of racist trash

that's my stinkin job


I serve the municipality

I break my back

I work really fast

spend the next stinkin 30 years

picking up all your trash


Then why??

Why my child is lying there..

Aching for sickness and thin and Gray!!


But why?

And why?


Let me know!!

Let me know!!




Categories: Declamation Pieces (Poems and others), Mga Sulat Ko (My Friends)

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