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Posted on November 2, 2010 at 4:25 AM

Batch 2008,. i'm wondering why some people felts so easy to say that life is so hard. Maybe coz sometimes its true.


Little by little I realized the wonder of life of course the life with friends, family, neighbor, family and the most the God. Thinking of how we've been molded is not just in home but in our school. Frustration, childhood trauma, stressful assignments and projects and practicums..aixt . When time comes i leave my dearest alma mater i felt so much alone. My mind tells," Can we meet again with my teachers and friends?". How lucky, coz since then, i learn this things "to be more good as asset and not be the liabilities".


The friendship we've build together in High School had been bonded well until we've graduated. We missed each other and yes the moments that we are together. The saddest and the happiest, the liveliest and the loneliest, the sharing of baons and assignments. Haay!! time is so swift.


Way back year 2007, it was exactly June where we step at our 4th Year in High School. We've been named as BUKNOL by Mrs Pasion (Filipino Teacher) who always getting annoyed in our class because of our noisiness. No wonder that until the day we've graduated and until now we are still proud as BUKNOL.


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